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Arc Surveys is a team of skilled, certified Land Surveyors specializing in residential, commercial, and construction surveys within Calgary and surrounding areas.

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Real Property Reports (RPR), Subdivision Planning, Drone Surveys, Road and Bridge Layout, Development Permit Surveys, Condominium Plans, New Home Construction, Infill Surveys, and so much more.

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We are committed to our client’s success and aim to offer all our client’s personal access to our Alberta Land Surveyors, quick turnaround times and incredible customer care with every phone call, email, and project that we deliver.

We can’t wait to work with you on your next project!

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Our Services

For more information and to receive a Free Estimate about your next project, please choose from one of the survey options listed below.

Real Property Reports

A Real Property Report (RPR) is a legal document that clearly illustrates the position of the building in relation to the property lines and municipal bylaws.

Development Permit Surveys

The Development Permit Survey, also known as a DP Survey, is typically the first survey required for your new project. The DP Survey is used by the architect or designer as the basis of their new home design, renovation, or infill construction project.

Condominium Plans

Condominium plans are documents that show the physical layout of a condominium development. It includes the location of all the units, common areas, and amenities within the development.

Subdivision Planning and Surveys

Subdivision is the process of dividing one or more parcels into two or more parcels. The subdivision process must be done through your municipality and registered at Land Titles.

Infill Construction Surveys

An infill construction project is the development of any vacant or underutilized land within already established urban areas.

Property Line Surveys

Fences and retaining walls are an essential part of property boundaries, security, and aesthetic appeal in any community.

Construction Survey Services

Whether you’re building a highway, bridge, or overpass, a construction survey will play a crucial part in the planning and development of these large civil projects.

Drone Surveys

Over the last few years, drone technology has revolutionized the land surveying industry, allowing land surveyors to collect data faster, more accurately, and in previously inaccessible locations than ever before by using drone surveys.

As Built Surveys

An as built survey is a drawing or model that represent a building or construction project as it was actually constructed.

Underground Utility Surveys

A utility can be any installation connected to gas, electricity, heating, cable, or fiber optics that is connected to the city’s water and sewer or private infrastructure system.

Other Inquires

Looking for a different type of Land Survey? Our team possesses a wide range of skills and experience from our years in the land surveying industry. Please feel free to reach out and inquire about your next project. If we can’t help, then we can defiantly point you in the right direction.

Our Customers Say

I have been recommending ARC Surveys for 10+years to my clients and they have always done a stellar job. Reasonably priced, accurate and timely.

Jen Johnson

Arc Surveys Ltd. is an excellent company we refer many of our clients to. They are professional, very timely ,and are excellent communicators. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing surveys now or in the future.

Larry Arnfinson

It’s always a pleasure to work with the Arc Survey team, they are timely, attentive and explain the process thoroughly.

Erin O'Meara

Arc has always been one of the best “go-to” company for many professionals in the Real Estate industry. Even when we are super busy, they do make the time

Zee Zebian

Arc surveys is fantastic to deal with! They always have answers to our inquires and the RPR surveys are always completed in a timely manner. We don’t use any other survey company.

Melissa Morrison

I use ARC for all my surveys! The ARC team are always friendly, knowledgeable and very service oriented. Plus, I have found their pricing is very reasonable. I definitely recommend them!

Kristine Hart

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