What is a Development Permit Survey?

A Development Permit Survey is a legal document required to obtain a development permit from the City. In addition to showing the existing development of the property, the survey will identify and reveal any easements, rights-of-way, or other encumbrances that may exist.

As a first step in the development process, a DP permit survey is often necessary prior to beginning work on a property. The Development Permit Survey is also used by architects and designers to create construction drawings and site plans needed for the proposed development. This is because it will give you all the exterior information about the current building, its neighbouring buildings, and parcel measurements.

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Development Permit Surveys in Calgary

Importance of Development Permit Surveys

There are many reasons why DP surveys are important. During the planning and development stage, they ensure that a proposed development is compliant with all the City’s zoning and planning regulations. As well as providing valuable information about the local area, they can also contribute to the design of the entire project.

What is included in a development permit survey?

While a DP survey is the first of many required documents needed to start the work, it can include some of the following information:

  • Any dwellings on the lot

  • Neighbouring lots

  • A front-on view of neighbouring buildings

  • Exterior building dimensions

  • Height of neighbouring buildings

  • Side views of subject and neighbouring lots

  • Trees located on the subject

  • Geodetic elevations

  • Overall block layout, including street names

It can also include information indicating gas and electrical lines, fire hydrants, street signs, manholes, and many other infrastructural features that may be necessary information for Architects and builders.

The detailed DP survey will allow you to fully understand the lot and its challenges before any work begins, giving you peace of mind that it will be done smoothly and without interruption.

When do you need a development permit survey?

Before applying for a city development permit to rebuild an already-developed lot, a Development Permit Survey must be completed by a registered Alberta Land Surveyor. This is the first step for architects, builders, contractors, to complete an Infill construction, or major exterior renovations on an existing developed lot.

This is not to be confused with a city or municipalities development permit itself. Obtaining a Development Permit Survey is just the first step in the process before applying for a City of Calgary development permit.

New developments, construction, or renovations on your property will require a Development Permit from the municipal authority. Its important to start the DP Survey process as early as possible to avoid delaying the start of your next project.


Do exterior renovations require a development permit survey?

The answer all depends on the type of renovations that is being completed. We’ve listed just a few major reasons why a Development Permit Survey is necessary, below:

  • Completing an Infill construction project

  • Adding a backyard suit

  • Front setback changes

  • Completing a front garage addition

  • Second story addition and redevelopments to existing homes

With a development permit survey in place, Architects and City Planners can make sure the proposed changes fall within the city regulations and guidelines for your neighbourhood.

Getting a development permit survey quote

At Arc Surveys, getting a free quote is just a few clicks away. While more information is welcome, you can provide a Development Permit Survey Quote with as little as a single address and a brief explanation of your future project.

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We offer a comprehensive development permit survey service to help you with your construction projects. We provide surveys for all types of developments permits, including residential, commercial, infill construction and industrial projects.

Our team of experts will work with you to ensure that all the required surveys are conducted accurately and that you have all the information you need to obtain your development permit. We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible service and will work diligently to ensure that your project is a success.

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