The process of Land Subdivision

Subdivision is the process of dividing one or more parcels into two or more parcels. The subdivision process must be done through your municipality and registered at Land Titles. The result is new titles for the individual lots that have been subdivided. The process can be lengthy, complicated, and sometimes more expensive than anticipated. When working with our clients, we try to simplify the process, handling most of the ‘dirty work’ internally and keeping the time and costs to a minimum. Our quotes are always done up front, usually in a lump sum price, with all contingencies factored taken into consideration.

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Subdivision Procedure

Subdivisions generally follow the steps outlined below:

Types of Subdivision

There are different types of subdivision, and different mechanisms for getting new titles, so it’s best to consult with us near the start so we can explore the most cost effective and efficient approach. Different methods include:

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