Construction Survey Services in Alberta

Whether you’re building a highway, bridge, or overpass, a construction survey will play a crucial part in the planning and development of these large civil projects. From understanding the layout of the land, providing topographic surveys, to analyzing road or bridge construction placement or even stockpile locations, land surveyors are a fundamental part of any major Roadway and Bridge Construction project from initial planning to the finished project.

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Construction Survey Services in Calgary

Construction Surveying Services can include:

  • Slope Staking

  • Curb Layout

  • Trimble Machine Control models

  • Foundation Layout

  • Gridlines

  • Piles

  • Anchor bolts

  • Bridges

  • High Precision Surveys and Control Networks

Slope staking can be performed for various types of construction where the surveyor takes a feature such as a ditch, swale, or curb and stakes a slope from that feature at a specifically designed slope. Slopes can be very flat, like a 2% slope from a sidewalk or curb or very steep such as a 2:1 (horizontal: vertical) slope from a ditch. The surveyor finds the slope intercept point (catch/hinge point) where that designed slope intercepts the existing terrain and then places a stake showing the cut or fill to that feature from the staked point.

Whether you need offsets for the lip of gutter for roadways, back of curbs, sidewalks, and other flatwork on large roadways or small commercial sites, our team is highly experienced and advanced in performing these construction surveys.

Calibrated models take the design of any large surface and put them into a format that the Trimble machine control systems for dozers, graders or excavators can understand. This format helps the operators achieve tight tolerances that are difficult or time-consuming to achieve. This ultimately saves a client additional costs and time within the scope of a project.

A foundation layout is defined as any deep foundation or shallow footings that require staking. This includes, but is not limited to, slabs, piers, abutments, grade beams, footings, walls, or any reinforced concrete/steel structure required to be either excavated or driven.

Control lines are used for dimension and organizing building or site layouts based on critical features such as wall lines or control lines for equipment to be constructed or installed. Lettered and numbered gridlines are used in architectural and structural drawings for a variety of sites.

Whether it’s cast-in-place piles or battered driven steel piles we can help locate these features and provide the necessary layout to assist with auguring/driving.

Cast-in-place bolts for reinforced concrete structures typically have tight tolerances and require precision and diligence as well as the proper methodology to achieve the desired results. We can help.

Bridges have several features that need to be surveyed from piling and MSE walls to abutments, bearings, and girders. Precast deck structures and steel frame surveys are both important aspects to consider during the design and bridge construction process.

As legacy networks such as the Alberta Survey Control Monuments (ASCM) degrade over time, it makes having reliable markers much more important. Before you start building, consider the challenges you may face when you hit a roadblock. What if the field surveyor or engineer tells you there is no control for your site and they cannot reliably provide any layout or information for the structure you are building? Do you keep going? Do you stop and reassess? Or did you have a precision control network with permanent markers installed before major construction activities? These site-specific networks need to be established, referenced, and documented, and many jurisdictions have this as a requirement for engineering facilities or infrastructure.

Service You Can Trust

Construction Survey for any infrastructure project and take a considerable amount of detail attention. Our experts have the experience and know-how to complete many types of these larger infrastructure projects.

At Arc Surveys, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with accurate and reliable results. We use the latest technology and equipment to conduct our surveys, ensuring that our clients receive the best possible service.

If you are looking for a reputable and experienced company to carry out construction surveys for your project, contact Arc Surveys today to discuss the needs of your next project.