Real Property Reports

A Real Property Report (RPR) is a legal document that clearly illustrates the position of the building in relation to the property lines and municipal bylaws.

Development Permit Surveys

The Development Permit Survey, also known as a DP Survey, is typically the first survey required for your new project. The DP Survey is used by the architect or designer as the basis of their new home design, renovation, or infill construction project.

Condominium Plans

Condominium plans are documents that show the physical layout of a condominium development. It includes the location of all the units, common areas, and amenities within the development.

Subdivision Planning and Surveys

Subdivision is the process of dividing one or more parcels into two or more parcels. The subdivision process must be done through your municipality and registered at Land Titles.

Infill Construction Surveys

An infill construction project is the development of any vacant or underutilized land within already established urban areas.

Property Line Surveys

Fences and retaining walls are an essential part of property boundaries, security, and aesthetic appeal in any community.

Construction Survey Services

Whether you’re building a highway, bridge, or overpass, a construction survey will play a crucial part in the planning and development of these large civil projects.

Drone Surveys

Over the last few years, drone technology has revolutionized the land surveying industry, allowing land surveyors to collect data faster, more accurately, and in previously inaccessible locations than ever before by using drone surveys.

As Built Surveys

An as built survey is a drawing or model that represent a building or construction project as it was actually constructed.

Underground Utility Surveys

A utility can be any installation connected to gas, electricity, heating, cable, or fiber optics that is connected to the city’s water and sewer or private infrastructure system.

Other Inquires

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