As Built Survey

An as built survey is a drawing or model that represent a building or construction project as it was actually constructed.

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As Build Surveys in Calgary

What is the purpose of an As Built Survey?

As Built surveys are used throughout the construction survey process of a given project or at project completion to help to ensure that each project is built as planned and to an architect and engineers’ specifications.

A land surveyor records existing conditions on the construction site and ensures the structure is built in accordance with the original plans.

Information such as dimensions, elevations, and locations of any structure and its components as well as underground utilities, roads, swales, ditches, detention/retention facilities, sewers, and BMPs that have been established after construction has been completed, is documented on a drawing prepared and sealed by a land Surveyor and/or Engineer.

As Built surveys can be completed for a variety of reasons and many different types of construction projects such as:

  • Commercial Construction

  • Pipelines construction

  • Underground Utilities Surveys

  • Piles

  • Structural steel works

  • Flatwork

  • Roadways

  • Bridge construction

  • Concrete works

Throughout the construction process of a given project, an As Built survey is used to ensure that each project is undertaken according to plan and specification. They help to:

In most construction projects, As Built surveys are essential. To ensure that your As Built survey is performed to a high standard, you need to choose an experienced and reputable company.

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