When you buy a home, it’s important to know what you’re getting. The goal of an RPR is to give buyers of a property as much information as possible about their purchase so they can make informed decisions about what they’re buying and how it will impact their lives moving forward.

So, what is shown on an RPR?

We breakdown some of the most common things that appear on a Real Property Report and why they are shown.

Right of Ways: A Right of Way (ROW) is the strip of land that is used for access to a property. It may be necessary for utilities such as power lines, gas lines and sewer lines to enter or cross your property. If a Right of Way is identified on your property, it will be marked with a colorful line throughout the RPR.

Concrete Swales: A concrete swale is a depression created in the ground that carries water runoff away from damaging your home or property. They are typically located at the rear of the property, in the backyard.

The Main Dwelling: Of course, what is a Real Property Report without the main dwelling? The main dwelling (aka the home) will be shown with exact measurements along with any permanent structures that are attached to it.

Permanent Structures on the Property: This includes but is not limited to: sheds over 10sqm, pergolas, gazebos, decks, patios, fences, concrete aprons (driveways, walkways), poured concrete pads, air conditioning units, attached accessory buildings and garages.

Legal Description: A legal description is a detailed and specific description of the property that is recorded on the title deed. It includes the legal name and location of your property, as well as a reference to its legal land description. It is shown on a Real Property Report to correlate with the Land Title Certificate so any future caveats, liens or registered encroachment agreements can be identified during any potential compliance reviews of the RPR.

Alberta Land Surveyors Association Stamp: Not to be confused with the Stamp of Compliance, the Alberta Land Surveyors Association Stamp is typically a red stamp that portrays the survey company who completed the RPR as well as their permit number. This stamp makes your RPR a valid, legal document which in turn makes it useable in the sale of a home or installation of a new permanent structure.

Alberta Land Surveyor Signature: Each RPR must also bear the signature of a licensed ALS  (Alberta Land Surveyor) to be considered valid. This signature signifies that the information that is depicted on the RPR has been checked over in immense detail and all the measurements and placements have been reviewed and approved. This signature is not to be associated with the compliance process in any way. The compliance review is handled strictly by representatives at your municipality and is a separate process to the RPR drafting process.


What about what’s NOT shown on an RPR?

As a survey company, one of our most common questions is: what ISN’T typically shown on an RPR? Here we’ve broken down the top things that will likely never be shown on your new RPR. (It is good to note that each municipality has different rules for any of these structures listed, so it is always good to check with a representative over at your City, Town or County before ruling anything out)

Trees/Foliage: Trees, shrubs, bushes and grass are not shown on the RPR.

Hot Tubs: Moveable hot tubs will not necessarily be shown on an RPR, however there are a few exceptions to consider. Hot tubs that are built into an existing patio will be required to be shown as they are built into a permanent structure and not considered easily moveable.

Detached Accessory Buildings under 10sqm: Detached accessory buildings (sheds, pergolas, gazebos etc) that measure at UNDER 10sqm are typically not shown on an RPR as in most cases, these structures are considered moveable. It is good to remember that if an accessory building measures out larger than 10sqm or is attached to the main dwelling in any way, it will need to be shown on the RPR.

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We hope this article gave you some better insight on what you will find the next time you order a Real Property Report. If you have any questions about what is shown on your RPR, give us a call (403-277-1272) or send us an email (info@wordpress-845197-4331547.cloudwaysapps.com). We’re always happy to help!