Hot tubs have become a lot more popular in recent years. However, you may have heard about some of the bylaws that surround their installation and use in Calgary. This article will cover those regulations and make sure you’re fully aware of what’s required before installing your own hot tub.

When installing a new hot tub in Calgary, you’ll need to keep these bylaws in mind.

It is required that swimming pools and hot tubs are placed at least 1.2 m from the side and rear property lines and may not be located within the front setback unless a development permit is obtained. Hot tubs also cannot have wires above them, unless they are covered by overhead structures.

A stamp from an engineer is required if a hot tub is elevated above grade by a deck or patio, regardless of height.

Planning to put your hot tub in a gazebo? Keep in mind that if you’re putting your hot tub in a gazebo that is more than 10 sqm, or if the height of the gazebo floor is more than 0.6 m above ground level, the gazebo must have its own approved building permit. You will be required to follow accessory residential building rules if you plan to enclose a hot tub in a covered structure. A development permit is required for any structure that has a finished floor 0.6 meters above grade or higher.

Do I need to Update my Real Property Report if I have added a hot tub in my yard?

If the hot tub you’ve installed is standalone and under 10 sqm, an RPR update will not be required as this would be considered a moveable structure. If the hot tub has been built into a patio or deck, chances are you will want to order an updated RPR to reflect this.

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