When it comes to buying a new home there are several different property types to choose from, and with the rapid population growth in the city of Calgary, infill homes are becoming more and more popular amongst buyers.

What is an Infill?

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Infill construction describes a classification of construction that takes place in an established residential area. To put it plainly, it is when a new house is built on an older lot, and the previous residence is torn down to accommodate, therefore the old lot is “filled in” with the new dwelling. Infill homes are typically constructed in well-established neighborhoods, an example in Calgary would be Inglewood, Calgary’s oldest community. Infills typically come in either an attached or detached layout of which are explained below.


Attached vs Detached

Attached infills are built in

pairs and share a common wall with at least one other unit (sometimes one on either side). They are also often categorized as a duplex-style home and are almost always built on 50-foot wide lots to maximize space.

Detached infills are a true single-family home that stand alone without a common wall or attachment to another residence.


There are many things to consider when you’re building a new home, so what are a few of the pros of choosing an infill as opposed to building in an undeveloped neighborhood?

Well, some choose infill homes because they get the luxury of a brand new house while simultaneously receiving the benefits of a settled community. Meaning that the roads, schools, shops, and businesses are already constructed and you’re not relying on development. You also get the gratification of mature trees and quieter residential areas!

Infill construction can be more desirable because you have the entire city to choose where you would like to build, rather than being farther and farther away from the city center. This means you’re closer to public transit, the downtown core, retail shops, and more.

Building an infill can also revitalize older communities and bring their value up as a whole.


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While your house may be new, the area you’re building in is not. That means things like sewage & water piping, roads, and sidewalks are all as old as the rest of the community, raising potential risks when you start building.

Infill housing can also be more expensive than building from scratch. This is because there are more regulations to comply with, building codes, zone requirements, and potential construction challenges. Not to mention any design constraints you may run into with the limited space the lot provides.


If it is more appealing to build your new home in a well developed neighborhood with access to more conveniences such as transit, stores and restaurants, and having the flexibility of constructing anywhere in Calgary, then an infill home is potentially the best option for you.

However, if you want to build with fewer regulations and restrictions in an area that is new all around, for a lesser amount of money, then you may want to look into buying a home in a newly built community.

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