Legal Surveys in Alberta are any type of survey that requires a land surveyor to survey and certify a boundary or a structure’s position relative to the boundary. In other words, Legal Survey is an umbrella term used to describe any survey dealing with property boundaries, including real property reports, subdivision surveys, boundary surveys, and condominium surveys or plans. Let’s take a closer look at what some of these common Alberta Legal Surveys involve.

Real Property Reports

Real Property Reports are legal land surveys that clearly illustrate the position of a structure relative to the property boundaries and municipal bylaws. The purpose of these surveys is to provide buyers, sellers, and property owners with crucial information on the size and location of any structures relative to the property boundaries and are especially important when purchasing, selling, or financing real estate in Alberta. Real Property Reports in Alberta are conducted by professional land surveyors and include written statements detailing the surveyors’ opinions or concerns.

Subdivision Surveys

Subdivision Surveys are needed when dividing a property into two or more parcels of land and obtaining a title for each. The entire subdivision process itself can be a lengthy and complicated process that needs to be done through the municipality and registered with Land Titles. When subdividing land in Alberta, it’s highly advisable to work with a company experienced in subdivision surveys and processes to minimize the time it takes and keep costs to a minimum.

Property & Fence Line Surveys

Just like fences and retaining walls play a vital role in property boundaries, home security, and aesthetics, property & fence line surveys are an essential part of ensuring you don’t run into any unexpected issues down the line. Also known as boundary surveys, property & fence line surveys help property owners clearly understand where their property boundaries extend to and prevent problems such as accidental encroachments onto municipal or neighbouring properties.

Condominium Surveys

Condominium Surveys or Plans help condominium owners establish individual units when dividing a single building into multiple, privately owned units. They also define the land or building spaces commonly owned by the individual condominium owners and parking lot spaces or locations where applicable. Governed by specific legislation and requiring great attention to detail, condominium surveys in Alberta are required after construction is complete and allow a title to be issued for each unit to be sold.

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