Requesting a Real Property Report

You’re selling your property and need a Real Property Report – great! We can help you there. But when you submit a request, you are told that your property needs a specified quote. What does that mean?

A home needing a specified quote could be the result of many things. We’re here to help by explaining why and what causes a property to need a specified quote.

Here is a list of potential reasons why certain properties require some extra research.

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  1. The Property’s age – Some say that age is but a number but in cases like this, a lot of survey evidence is difficult to locate due to years of weathering, debris build up and construction that has taken place in or around the property.
  2. The Property’s location – if your property resides on a lake, is on a larger plot of land or is situated on tricky terrain (hills, slopes etc.).
  3. A Rural Property – If the property is located at a rural address or is on a large parcel of land with many acres, the process of finding survey pins and
    other evidence on these properties will take a substantial amount of time.

These are just a few things that can deter our crews from finding significant evidence needed to create an accurate RPR. Finding this evidence usually requires more time and equipment on the property and to do so.

Now What?

If your property does need a specific quote, we check with our ALS (Alberta Land Surveyors) team to guarantee that we’ve gathered all the details necessary to provide you with an accurate and organized Real Property Report. Along with any explanation as to why your property might need extra attention.

Supplying land title certificates will make the process easier for us to provide you with an adequate quote for your property.

Arc Surveys

Have any further questions regarding specified quotes? Give us a call (403-277-1272) or drop us an email at We’ll help you get a better understanding on how to get the best information towards completing your Real Property Report.