What are Zero Lot lines?

Thinking of building your own house? If so, then you need to decide how you want to plot your house on your property.

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Two of the most common home plots in Alberta include tradition lot and zero lot line plots. Traditional lots are self-explanatory and can be found in almost all communities.

Zero lot line homes, however, are less common but becoming more popular. Let’s take a closer look at what zero lot line homes are and their advantages and disadvantages.

Zero Lot Line Homes

Have you ever noticed some homes built right next to the curb? These are known as zero lot line homes. Zero lot line homes are built right on the property line on one side of the property and generally lack a front yard.

While zero lot line homes have plenty of advantages, they also come with their own distinct


Advantages of Zero Lot Line Homes

  1. More Living Space

Since you only have one yard, you get more livable space. So, if you have (or plan on having!) a large family, you might want to consider a zero lot line home.

  1. Lower Maintenance Costs

Many opt for zero lot line homes because they require less maintenance than traditional homes. Since you only have one yard, you would have to spend less time and money maintaining the front yard, making them great for those who don’t use or plan on using their front yard.

  1. Safer

Since zero lot line homes are much closer to each other than traditional homes, developers tend to pay more attention to the materials used and generally stick with robust, fire-retardant materials when building zero lot line homes. So, even if an unexpected fire or flood occurs in one home, the likelihood it spreads to nearby homes is relatively low.

Disadvantages, property line, Zero Lot Line

Disadvantages of Zero Lot Line Homes

  1. No Side Windows

While zero lot line homes add a sense of community and familiarity, they do come with some disadvantages like the lack of side windows, since all the houses are built so close together.

  1. No Development Potential

Since there’s no additional space to work with, you can’t really expand a zero lot line home, and once built, you’ll need to live with the same layout and space for as long as you live in the house. Zero lot line homes usually come with little or no development potential.

  1. Noisy

With zero lot line homes being built so close together, they can sometimes get noisy if your neighbors are loud. Moreover, with the house built right on the curb, you’ll also face increased noise from the street. Therefore, zero lot line homes are less than ideal in busy areas.

Should You Go Traditional or Zero Lot Lines?

Honestly, this depends on your particular needs. While the traditional plots are ideal for those wanting privacy, potential development opportunities, and an open front yard, zero lot lines are great for those who don’t have the time to maintain two yards and would prefer more living space over a front yard.


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